Brain Training In VR

Cognition is inherently embodied.
Your daily brain training workout needs to be, too.

The Breakthrough

Spatial computing offers embodied learning environments that transcend the problem of poor transferability to core activities in daily life that is otherwise suffered by 2D screen-based brain training apps.

Embodied Cognition

Not only can VR increase engagement, it also combines visually immersive spatial representations of data with our vestibular and proprioceptive senses.

VR is a unique approach to involve the whole body and it enables more effective and natural cognitive training in a 3-dimensional environment.


Encoding, storing and recalling information.


Being able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, switching between different tasks and concepts.


Selectively focusing on relevant information.


Reacting and processing information quickly.

Problem Solving

Finding solutions to complex problems by combining multiple cognitive processes.

Spatial Orientation

Being aware of objects and surrounding environments.

The Attention Lab

Virtuleap's Attention Lab VR app offers a daily cognitive workout of short, intense and fun games scientifically designed to help increase attention and concentration levels.

The Team

Our team has spent the past year studying user cognition and the human condition in VR and AR environments and have developed proprietary IP that gives us a unique edge in the market.

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