A discussion with those who are

I would love to see a weekly podcast where we go through some articles in deep that claim (at times hysterical) material and dig deep into each sentence it says and prove why it is right or wrong with fact based evidence.

I see far too much people getting their information with what their friends and family share on social media and they accept it not even by reading into it but because the title resonates with what they already believe in and this becomes another seal of approval.

I deeper dig would be quite interesting.

I think in lines with that we are seeing something pop up which Salar and I are going to use as a catalyst to this broader approach.

This video came out and got over 2 million views in a day: https://plandemicmovie.com/

Currently youtube has removed it. But it’s available for download.

This is a 25 minute video so we are going to tackle it and respond to the claims that are being made on a point by point basis. Also highlight the disingenuous techniques that might be at play and provide sources for our claims.

It seems like this is the first part of a multi part series and I think it will be critical to respond quickly. Maybe in preparation for the second video we can have a team at hand ready to go so we can respond within a day and get the highest level of exposure.