Great Daily News Sources

Where do you get your daily updates on COVID-19 news? What is your routine for getting updates on the progress being made?

Personally I watch Governor Cuomo’s daily updates. They are data oriented and give a pretty good snapshot on how things are progressing.

I also use the reddit coronavirus subreddit for catching up with news stories:

In order to get a pulse on the conversation I use twitter. The information on twitter is pretty bad quality. Even the discourse is quite manipulated by bots and other non human accounts that can be both misleading and generally discouraging to the goals of educating ones self. However there are some good quality threads and bits and pieces of news so it can’t really be ignored. This can be an area where we can expose high quality content to people that don’t have time to mine for it themselves.

As usual I will update this post as more information becomes available

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This site has a great deal of reputable sources: