Personal Introductions

Hi. Let’s use this thread to get to know each other a bit more.

The goal of this group is to break through the random torrent of information that’s being passed off as conversation on the main social media platforms.

One of the principles that we believe will help us achieve this, is being able to put a story to each one of our contributors. We think by knowing a bit more about each person that is posting, we will be able to foster a more authentic conversation.

On that note, I’m Amir.

I live in NYC with my brother Ahson and our dog Elon.

Currently New York City is considered somewhat of the epicenter of the Covid 19 pandemic. Numbers are rising exponentially and on a daily basis. We have been in a soft quarantine for over 15 days now.

I really hope that we’ll be able to serve as a filter and curatorium of good information. Everyone should not be expected to dissect all the information alone. Together we can accomplish a lot of good and help improve the quality of discussion online.