Potential Strategies for Responding to Misinformation Campaigns

We can compile and expand upon some strategies for responding to misinformation here.

I think we can categorize the types of responses.

1. Overall educational

The first category, we can try to put together some lists and examples of common strategies being used in many of these campaigns. For example straw n arguments, what are they? How are they used?

We could use easy to understand graphics to help illustrate how these works. Furthermore these can be referenced when we do specific responses.

In category 1 it would be great to have some information on basic concepts such as:
How to make a sound argument
How to validate sources of information
Identifying doctored media

As well as looking forward to increasingly sophisticated future manipulations:
Deep fakes
Personalized disinformation campaigns targetting people one on one with bots

2. Specific responses to campaigns

We would work quickly to identify campaigns, posts, videos that are getting traction. Create both a succinct and also deeply informative post and disseminate these.

The responses would highlight both the specific factual inaccuracies as well as the overall strategies which are being utilized by the media in question.