Welcome to COVID-19 Discussions

The Coronavirus Disease took the world by storm in late 2019, early 2020. As the virus spreads throughout the world, so too does the misinformation, conspiracies, and fake news. People all around the world are having a hard time finding truthful and valuable information. It can not be expected of every person to decipher fact from fiction, from this sea of information. Our goal with this community is to recruit a group of like minded individuals to help this situation by providing informative discussion.
Welcome to our discussion page! Here we aim to give you in depth analysis on some key issues regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.

This community is not open for everyone, but it is open to anyone that agrees with our core principles:

  • Be authentic. Disagreements are natural, unless they are dishonest.
  • Cite your sources. Every statement of fact should clearly be cited. Otherwise it will be regarded as opinion.
  • Courtesy is required. Be polite and refrain from emotional and personal attacks.
  • Provide value. Make sure we are not discussing just for the sake of it.

Our goal with this community is to provide useful and factual information to help combat the flood of unverified reports people are facing in today’s media environment.

Thanks. Looking forward to some productive discussions.

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Looking awesome ! keep it going…

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Thanks for create this source of information. Bookmarking this page for daily use.

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